New-Crop Corn Averaging Contract: Begins selling April 8th, Finished June 14th

New-Crop Soybean Averaging Contract: Begins selling April 29th, Finished June 28th

Producers may elect to commit bushels to the seasonal averaging programs up until the Friday before the first sell date:
Corn Signup Deadline: April 5th
Soybean Signup Deadline: April 26th

The Cogdill Farm Supply Cash Seasonal Averaging Contract is FREE!

Historical trends show that the best times to sell corn or soybeans pre-harvest are between planting and pollination...right about the time when we're all "too busy" to pay attention to marketing!  Cogdill Farm Supply's New-Crop Seasonal Averaging Contracts are an excellent way to ensure you are getting sales done during this busy time with a simple and disciplined pricing strategy.

How does it work?

  • Cogdill Farm Supply will price an equal amount of new-crop grain for you at the market close each Thursday during the pricing period, and your final price is determined by the average of the weekly pricings.
  • There are two options for calculating the price:
    • If you choose to “CASH PRICE AVERAGE," basis will be averaged along with the futures price, so your final price will be a cash average.  The cash price averaging contract is FREE!
    • If you choose to “FUTURES ONLY AVERAGE” (i.e. same as HTA contract), there will be a 3-cent HTA fee, plus a 2-cent roll fee (one roll to deferred futures allowed)
      • Flex delivery HTA is available for an additional fee
  • ACCELERATED PRICING/EARLY STOP: At any time, you may choose to price out the unpriced portion of the contracted bushels, or stop pricing early (i.e. without pricing all bushels).  A 3-cent fee will be applied to all bushels priced priced early or left unpriced.
  • You may pair either the CASH or HTA averaging contracts with a minimum price strategy to set a floor price, while keeping the ability to participate in a rally after the averaging period has ended.
  • Contract Minimums: In order to participate, producers must enroll at least 1,000 bushels of corn, or 500 bushels of soybeans.

Stop in or call your nearest Cogdill elevator to get signed up today!


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